- Conferences        

- Christophe Guedas, Marc Chabredier, Reynald Dumont.
A New Use of the Two-Look Internal Hermitian Product for Discrimination between Natural and Artificial Objects.
EUSAR, June 2014.

- Reynald Dumont, Christophe Guedas, Jérêmy Dupuis.
Automatic Generation of Networks for SAR Simulation of Moving Targets.
EUSAR, April 2012.

- Reynald Dumont.
DIONISOS, V2, An End-To-End Sar Simulator to Analyze Static and Dynamic Scenes.
EUSC SAR Workshop, March 2012.

- Reynald Dumont, Jérêmy Dupuis, Christophe Guedas.
Automatic Generation of Networks for Infrared Simulation of Moving Targets.
OPTRO, February 2012.

- Reynald Dumont, Christophe Guedas, Elinore Thomas, François Cellier, Grégory Donias.
DIONISOS, An End-To-End Sar Simulator.
EUSAR, June 2010.

- Reynald Dumont, Grégory Donias, Christophe Guedas, Elinore Thomas, François Cellier, Jonathan Delhumeau.
SAFIR STUDIO, A very intuitive tool to produce infrared synthetic scenes.
OPTRO, February 2010.

- Reynald Dumont.
SAFIR, A Software Architecture for Model Interoperability.
3rd ITBM&S, June 2007.

- Reynald Dumont, Fabian Lapierre, Thomas Robert, Yan Verdavaine, Marc Acheroy, Jean-Claude Marcel.
SAFIR, a Testbed for Maritime Simulation.
3rd ITBM&S, June 2007.

- Fabian Lapierre, Reynald Dumont, Alexander Borghgraef, Jean-Paul Marcel, Marc Acheroy.
OSMOSIS : An Open-Source Software for Modelling and Simulation of Infrared Signatures Using General Emissivity Profiles.
3rd ITBM&S, June 2007.

- Reynald Dumont.
Simulation et analyse de scènes hyper-spectrales.
Colloque Imagerie Hyper-Spectrale, January 2006.

- Reynald Dumont.
Satisfaire de Nouveaux Besoins en Simulation Optronique.
Symposium AAAF Optro, May 2005.

- Reynald Dumont.
Infrared and Hyperspectral Imaging Simulation: Concerns and Applications.
Spaceborne Hyperspectral Imagery, December 2003.

- Reynald Dumont, Fabio Pellacini, James A. Ferwerda.
A Perceptually-Based Texture Caching Algorithm for Hardware-Based Rendering.
Proceedings of the 12th Eurographics Workshop on Rendering, June 2001.
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- Reynald Dumont, Kadi Bouatouch.
Combining Hierarchical Radiosity and LODs.
Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Computer Graphics and Imaging, November 2000.
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- Reynald Dumont.
Electromagnetic Simulation in Complex Environments.
Colloque AAAF Optronique et Défense. Paris, December 1996.

- Journals
- Reynald Dumont.
Simulation Numérique du Rayonnement : Problématique et Applications
RTSD, 2004.

- Reynald Dumont, Fabio Pellacini, Jim Ferwerda.
Perceptually-driven decision theory for interactive realistic rendering.
ACM Transactions on Graphics, April 2003.
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- Reynald Dumont, Philippe Gosselin, Kadi Bouatouch.
A Faster Progressive Algorithm for Glossy Global Illumination,
Computer Graphics Forum, Issue 1, March 1999.
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- Seminars
- Reynald Dumont.
La Simulation de Rayonnement : une Application de la Synthèse d'Image.
University of Rennes, France, December 2006.

- Reynald Dumont.
Sensor evaluation: A computer Graphics Application.
Cornell University, USA, November 2006.

- Reynald Dumont.
Global Illumination and Levels of Detail.
Bristol University, England, June 2001.

- Reynald Dumont.
Levels of Details: The Missing Link in Global Illumination.
Max Planck Institute, Germany, January 2001.

- Reynald Dumont.
Global illumination in complex environments.
Cornell University, USA, December 1999.
- Thesis
- Reynald Dumont.
Optimizing Global Illumination Computation for Indoor and Outdoor Scenes: LODs, Partitioning and Arbitrary Reflectances.
PhD Thesis, February 1999, Rennes, France.

- Reynald Dumont .
Animation in Real-Time Image Synthesis.
MSc Thesis. Aérospatiale Missile, September 1994, Paris, France.

- Technical Reports
- Reynald Dumont, Kadi Bouatouch.
Topological Subdivision and Visibility Computation for Terrains.
Tech Report. Janvier 2000.

- Reynald Dumont, Kadi Bouatouch.
Using Levels of Detail to Speedup Radiosity Computation.
INRIA/IRISA Technical Report (INRIA #3602), January 1999.

- Reynald Dumont, Philippe Gosselin, Kadi Bouatouch.
A New Algorithm for Three Point Transport.
INRIA/IRISA Technical Report (INRIA #3305), September 97.