LISA Prototype (Logiciel d'Integration SAR Aéroporté) Noyau de calcul géométrique pour la simulation de SAR aéroporté - 2000 - 2001

DIONISOS SAR simulator (Développement Incrémental des Outils Numériques d'Imagerie pour la Simulation de l'Observation SAR). Simulateur complet aéroporté et satellitaire - Objet de publications et d'études en France et à l'étranger - 2004 - 2013


In SAR studies, raw data for a specific environment or new configurations are not easily obtained without simulation assets. SAR Simulation thus becomes a valuable tool for the analysis and interpretation of SAR images under the control of a given scenario. Raw data simulation might also help to design SAR systems or SAR processing algorithms.

Since DIONISOS is fast and easy to use (quick learning curve), it is relevant to teams that are involved in remote sensing and SAR image analysis.

To simulate SAR raw data of complex and extended scenes, DIONISOS is a fully functional end-to-end SAR simulator that has been developed for civilian and defence applications and used in many scientific studies or military applications. It produces realistic SAR raw data and images from GIS data and/or 3D scenes. Several validation studies had been conducted in the past years, grounded on actual measured data and physical models.

Based on an effective and radiometrically accurate ray-tracer, this physically-based scene generator can produce high fidelity synthetic imagery for your studies. This software is able to provide raw data and images for spaceborne and airborne systems, static and/or dynamic scenes (i.e. including moving targets). To do so, this simulator makes an extensive use of physical models/data to achieve the best possible level of realism.  

A complete package

DIONISOS software package provides a turn-key complete solution, with a creation studio application, material editor, image generator and an image analysis tool all in one. The application offers a range of features needed to prepare, simulate and analyze images in a comfortable and straightforward fashion.

Quick Set-Up

DIONISOS approach is based on GIS and 3D data, real-world units and settings. Creating and simulating is straightforward, and set-up times are extremely low.

Scene complexity

The technology behind DIONISOS is grounded on physically correct models, resulting in images of high quality. Its complex physically correct creations can help image interpreter to understand the content and various effects that a SAR image might exhibit.

Educational purposes

SAR images sometimes appears difficult to understand. For educational purposes, this software offers an attractive way to explain capabilities and limits of SAR images to the remote sensing community, which is more familiar with optical/IR images than radar ones. Thus, DIONISOS is a valuable tool to prepare operators to work with SAR images and to help them for image interpretation.

Assessment of new algorithms

Many SAR studies suffer from the lack of raw data/images or control on SAR image content. Providing a wide variety of images and SAR effects (e.g. studies on scene content, SAR resolution, PSLR, nesz, incidence angles, material properties…), DIONISOS also appears as an interesting tool to assess new processing algorithms and to tune them afterwards. 

To summarize, DIONISOS main features are:

- Intuitive 2D/3D english GUI.
- Fast generation of 3D scenes (STUDIO) with english GUI.
- Parametric studies with english GUI.
- Image Analysis (ANALYST) with english GUI.

- Material properties edition.
- Slant Range Projection.
- Efficient Visibility computation.
- EM methods or measurement data for diffuse effects.
- Geometrical Optics for dihedral and trihedral effects.
- SLC image or Raw Data simulation.
- Image formation algorithms (RDA, Chirp Scaling, Omega-K)

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Vue Rennes

Figure 1 : 3D model of the city of Rennes

Vue Rennes

Figure 2 : Simulated SAR Image (with DIONISOS)

Vue Rennes

Figure 3 : Simulated EO image (with SAFIR)

Donnée brute

Figure 4 :  Urban furnitures, vehicles and multiple bounces effects
Figure 5 : Ships, aircrafts and vehicles


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